Palo Santo sticks


Palo Santo, the holy wood, comes from the mystic palo santo tree on the coast of south america. its wonderful scent and magical smoke purify your surroundings and cleanse the energy for enhanced creativity, inspiration and divine connection. it's the perfect little ritual to bring a effortless delight to your life, your meditation or yoga practice. 


how to use:

light one wood stick, hold it in a 45 degree angle with the lit tip down, let it burn for 30 seconds then blow it out. walk through your desired space filling the air with the smoke. when you are finished, place it in a fire-proof container, keep an eye on it while it goes out on its own. please apply caution while handling any flame. 


You'll receive a bundle of 6 Palo Santo sticks. 


  • Ships within 1-3 days