calendula infused oil

bring nature into your home and body, 

infuse your favorite oil with dried calendula for a couple of weeks, strain the oil, 

and you've got yourself a natural little healer. 


airtight jar


cheesecloth or mesh strainer


glass bottle/s with dropper


dried calendula petals, (or any other herb of your choice) 

enough to fill the jar a little more than half way


shelf stable oil, such as extra virgin olive oil



1. place calendula in a dry, clean glass jar.

leave about 2 inches of open space above your calendula to cover with oil.


2. fill jar with the oil of your choice,

making sure to cover calendula by at least 1 inch or more. 

if calendula emerges above the oil at any point while infusing,

add more oil to ensure that calendula remains covered.


3. close your jar tightly and shake well.


4. place your jar in a sunny and warm windowsill

or similar space and shake twice daily. 


5. after 2 weeks, strain the calendula out of the oil

by using cheesecloth or mesh strainer.

Waste nothing! make sure you have squeezed out all the oil.


6. pour oil into glass bottle,

label your bottles with the date and name of your oil and herb,

store in a dry and cool place.


7. enjoy your new homemade, precious calendula infused oil!



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