bath & shower

our salts:

there is no better way of describing the benefits of epsom salt, than simply by saying it's the elite among salts.

it eases stress, relieves pain and muscle cramps, prevents hardening of the arteries, relaxes the body, the list goes on. when added to water, it breaks down into magnesium and sulfate, two essential minerals for the human body. our epsom bath salts combined with dead sea salt are healing and therapeutic,

just add a few spoons to your bath water and help your body detox from a long day. 

our milks:

a milk bath is the ultimate treat for your entire body. we combined whole milk, honey, coconut milk and ginseng powder, added exfoliating mineral salts and therapeutic essential oils, then filled this luxurious mixture into a sustainable, reusable glass jar. it's your turn now:

add a scoop or two into warm bath water, let the the stress of the day melt away and enjoy silky soft skin. 

our polish:

regardless of how much moisturizer we use, if we are applying it to dead skin cells, we will not be able to enjoy the nourishing ingredients of butters and oils. scrub your skin gently with natural exfoliants once or twice a week, moisturize and enjoy a baby soft skin.