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Our Story

ok, what the hell is a skinfood kitchen?? no wait, i know what a kitchen is, but what the hell is skinfood?

let us explain: our skin is a pro when it comes to protecting us from outside harm, it has three strong layers: the epidermis, the dermis (where the blood vessels, hair follicles and sweat glands are)

and a deeper level called the hypodermis.

the epidermis loves oil but hates water, thats why we can swim and shower without absorbing it all!

the epidermis acts as a strong barrier between us and the outside world. unfortunately many commercial skincare products contain harsh chemicals that are able to penetrate the first layer of our skin and end up in our blood stream. so just like food, anything you put on your skin might end up in your body.

so we did what anyone would do upon learning this:

we weeped, we screamed, we broke dishes. we ended the relationship.

then, we created the skinfood kitchen.

out of crisis comes opportunity.

no more bs,

no more large coops promising to keep you forever young by smearing harmful chemicals on your skin.

we brought nature back to the table and together with her we created skincare for all of us that is made with natural oils and butters, essential oils, botanicals and lots of love for people and the planet. 

we can't and won't promise to keep you forever young,

but we promise to keep all our products forever natural and honest.

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