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bath bomb bar

are you bored to tears? no? well anyway, we demand you bring in more color and fizz to your life and bathtub! what? you don't have a bathtub because your apartment is so small you can answer the door while sitting on your toilet? no worries, been there, done that! just dig out the next best relative that happens to have a bathtub,  suggest a sleepover for old times sake and show up with bath bomb or two!

experience the wonders of nature with our aromatherapy bath bombs,

handmade with natural ingredients and lots of love.

all of our bath bombs contain healing epsom salt, organic coconut oil and a fine selection of therapeutic essential oils, our vibrant colors are derived from vegetables and herbs. 

there are absolutely no artificial additives in any of our skincare products.

this is the foundation on which our company is built on. 

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