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home sweet home made vanilla sugar

instead of just using commercial vanilla extract, you can make your own authentic vanilla sugar, using two ingredients only: any sugar of your liking and real vanilla. the beauty about this home made vanilla sugar is, that it becomes better with time and makes a perfect, unexpensive gift for anyone who loves baking. enjoy!



makes approximately 2 cups


2  cups granulated sugar (brown or white)

2  vanilla beans (preferably madagascar beans)




1  large air tight jar or several small ones

1  large mixing bowl & whisk or a food processor 

1  sharp pairing knife

1  small spoon (smallest you can find)



















1. add the sugar to your bowl if mixing by hand. if you are using a fpod processor, add it to the bowl of your food processor. 


2. use your knife to slice the vanilla beans in half lengthwise, then scrape out the seeds in a downward motion using a small spoon or the other side of your knife. cut the empty vanilla pods into 2 inch pieces & reserve them.


 3. add the vanilla bean seeds to the sugar, pulse with your food processor or mix with a whisk until well incorporated.


4. pour your sugar mix into the air tight jar/s, add the empty vanilla bean pods, submerging them into your sugar mixture.


5. let the sugar infuse for up to 2 weeks for amazing flavor.

 vanilla sugar will keep indefinitely if stored in an air tight jar in a cool & dry place.


6. enjoy!

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