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create your own skincare

kits & recipes

so if you happen to be stuck at home because of a coronavirus pandemic and find yourself in close proximity with out of control kids (your kids), this is for you! but also for all other human beings out there: 

all "out of control" grown-ups, "mature" people (yawn...), kids - "out of control or not", 

(not that i don't want to include cats and dogs, but you really do need thumbs for this kind of project): 

whatever you are, whoever you are, join us for a skincare revolution!

not that the election wasn't crazy enough, but seriously, the skincare options out there really need a raid, a swat team kind of raid. so roll up your sleeves and make your own, natural, no bs skincare, with lots of love, fun and self reliance. you can do it! and guess what?? the world is bananas right now anyway, so how much more harm could you, your out of control kids, your cat and homemade, crazy fizzing bath bombs really do?

a world of do it yourself kits is awaiting you!

feed your creative spirit with natural skincare projects.

looking for the perfect recipe to make your own natural skincare? discover our no-fail recipes here.

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