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mineral sea salt inhaler

take a deep breath, hold it for a second or two, exhale, wow!

that's all it takes sometimes to feel refreshed & less overwhelmed.

make your own sea salt inhaler with mineral salts & essential oil. simple, yet magical! 

plus, it's the perfect gift for yourself & your loved ones.



makes approximately  ½ oz


      1 tbsp dead sea salt

      1 tbsp himalayan pink salt  

   20 drops eucalyptus essential oil



   dried eucalyptus leaves



   1  bottle or jar with lid

   1  small bowl

   1  small whisk or spoon for mixing




1.  add both salts to your bow, mix.


2. now add the essential oil, mix well again.


3. if you choose to use dried eucalyptus leaves, add them at the end, mix well and fill your container with your slat mixture. make sure your container is air tight.


4. close one nostril, now use your other nostril to inhale deeply from your new sea salt inhaler. exhale. repeat with the other side. use whenever needed. 


5. enjoy!

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