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natural wood polish

keeping things simple with natural home remedies is not only safer for you & your family, it also gives you a wonderful sense of satisfaction. many commercial home cleaners are toxic, ditch those chemicals by using natural ingredients & essential oils & make your own wood polish & cleaner. 



makes approximately 2 oz



  2 tablespoons olive or jojoba oil

  2 tablespoons white vinegar


   10 - 20 drops essential oil of your choice

  (we used lemon & cedarwood, which gave the polish a  fresh  & woodsy scent



1 bottle (we used a 2 oz glass bottle)



1.  add all base ingredients to your bottle, shake well until oil & vinegar are well mixed together.


2. if using essential oil, add desired amount into your bottle, shake well again.


3. label & use whenever your wood is dull & needs a natural clean & shine. shake well before each use. 


4. enjoy!

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