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all natural face toner

 keeping your skin clean from environmental pollution is one of the key steps to glowing, healthy skin. 

with a few natural ingredients you can make your all natural face toner and enjoy clean, purified skin.



makes approximately 4 fl.oz



    ¼  cup rosewater

    ¼  cup witch hazel

for blemished skin add:

      1 teaspoon vitamin e oil
   20 drops lavender essential oil
   20 drops tea tree essential oil
    10 drops juniper berry essential oil

    10 drops juniper berry essential oil

    10 drops lemon essential oil

for normal skin add:

      1 teaspoon vitamin e oil
      1 teaspoon vitamin c serum

   20 drops lavender essential oil

   20 drops geranium essential oil



 1  spray bottle (we used a 4 oz glass bottle)



1. add all base ingredients to your bottle, shake well.

now you have a good face toner to cleanse your face after washing it.

2. if you'd like to fancy it up a little, add the oils suitable for your skintype and shake well until everything is well combined.

3. label and use it day and morning after washing your face by spraying a few pumps onto a cotton pad and gently wiping your face, avoid eye area. shake well before each use.

4. enjoy!

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